# Menus

There are three menu areas on the site:

  • Main navigation
  • Footer menus for desktop
  • Simplified footer menu for mobile

This is the main menu running across the top of the website. Its appearance changes for mobile devices to maintain usability.

# Desktop

Desktop Menu

# Mobile

Mobile Menu

There are 6 menus representing a site map along with social media links.


A very simplified version of the desktop footer links - just the main pages.


# Changing menu items

The process is the same to change the links in all of the menus mentioned above: Go to "Appearance", "Menus"

Appearance Menus

Select which menu you want to edit and click on "select":

Select Menu

On the left hand side, select which page/post you want to add, then press "add to menu"

Add to Menu

The menu item will be added to the right (at the bottom) - you can then drag it to wherever you want it to appear.

Menu item