# Pages

The following pages cannot currently be changed by a Wordpress admin due to their highly customised and unique styling. Any changes to these need to be requested through a developer for now. In future, this will be changed so that content is editable within WordPress.

# Support Page

Text content and links on the support page can be changed using custom fields. Simply open the support page and edit the relevant content:


# Other pages

All other pages can be added/edited/deleted easily via WordPress using the process below.

# Creating & editing

To add/edit pages, you can use the standard process which is documented by WordPress here: wordpress.org/support/article/pages.

# Adding a page to a menu

To add a new page to any of the menus, following the process for adding menu items.

# Changing the logo colour

By default, the logo colour is green. If you want the logo in a different colour for a specific page, you can choose another image. Go to the editor for the relevant page, then on the right sidebar click "Add image" under the "Logo" section.


Please note, the image you use should be in "png" format and should be the vertical Nimbus logo with a transparent background and the text in any colour. If you don't choose an image, the default green logo is used.